Complex Border pipes

The bagpipe has traditionally been an instrument of change and invention.  The Great Highland Bagpipe may seem ancient and immutable now, but if you look through our bagpipe museums, you’ll see great variation in the style, design, and function of bagpipes from the British Isles throughout the centuries.

In this spirit, we’ve been tweaking, modifying, and adding to the boundaries of the Scottish bellows pipe.  There’s nothing wrong with the current standard of Bass, Tenor and Alto for Border pipes, but customers have asked for more, so we have been providing.

On the Prices page you’ll see a new section called “Complex Border pipes”.  This is a bit of a broad term right now, but we're using it to mean anything beyond what you would normally imagine a Border pipe to be.  That can mean additions to drones or to the chanter.  These sets come with the Contrabass drone and a drone switch.  The contrabass drone is a full octave below the bass drone – a real rumbler!  In addition, the drones rest on the lap rather than hanging across the chest. With this change in playing posture, uilleann pipe style, the drone switch is moved close enough to activate with the wrist or heel of the hand.  That means the drones can be comfortably activated and silenced as the piper plays.